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Preparing for your wedding photoshoot: the beauty checklist for the eco-minded bride

Preparing for your wedding day involves a lot of planning, and that includes following a skin care and hair care routine that has you looking and feeling great for the photos. And that’s where this guide comes in, showing you how to combine being environmentally friendly with getting the look you want in your wedding photoshoot. From hair care routines and going for low maintenance messy hair buns to making your own face masks, the following tips are perfect for the eco-minded bride-to-be.


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Everyone wants beautiful hair that’s glowing in their wedding pictures, and a solid hair care routine is a huge part of that. Here are some eco-friendly tips you can incorporate into your regime so that your locks are luscious come the big day:

  • Choose a sustainable shampoo. Washing no more than three times a week with an eco-friendly shampoo is a great way of being more environmentally friendly. So, take some time to check labels to see what products fit the bill.
  • Rinse in cold water. Not only does this save energy, it’ll give your hair a shine and protect it from excess heat too. Speaking of which, toweling or air-drying will also keep the energy expenditure down.
  • Make a homemade hair mask. Using natural ingredients is always better for the environment, and there are plenty you can try – essential oils, avocado, honey and eggs amongst them. Treat your hair once a week to keep it in great condition.
  • Low maintenance hairstyle. Your choice of hairstyle for your wedding shots can make a big difference too. For example, a huge up do is going to require a lot of product, whereas messy hair buns require very little and they can give you a look of effortless chic too.