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Engagement in the Berkshires

Why you should have a wedding New York photographer located in the Berkshires?

The Berkshires area is every photographer’s dream, with lush green forest, blooming fields and the uneven mountain edge reflecting the sun rays in different shades, there could not be better location to capture the love and romance of these two soon to be newlyweds.

However, Berkshire County isn’t just a place that brings out the creativity of a photographer but the peace and tranquility this area exudes with its stunning beauty can best be captured by an inspired photographer.

Your wedding day is the most important moment in your life it feels fresh and anew to marry the one you love more than the world itself. However, as you are celebrating, flanked by friends and family; the next thing you are thinking about to capture the essence of this day is a photographer that you can trust to bring the memories of that day to life. In addition to that, one that is able to tie the background to the joyous occasion for memories that will travel down generations to come.

Why a New York photographer?

The goal of a wedding photographer is to capture the feeling and emotions display on your wedding day. Through the lenses of candid and creative photography in the midst of tall brown trees with the sun ray streaming through the foliage to create a backdrop that will wow in every picture.

It was this backdrop that Berkshires provided that made Liv and John chose to have an engagement photo shoot here. The Berkshires is more than natural scenery for the groom to be John.

John spent his summers with his family in the Berkshires when he was younger and had fond memories that he wanted to share with the love of his life, Liv. In addition, to just sharing these memories, The Berkshires was the perfect location for that unique location that was humbling, calm and refreshing away from the hustle and bustle noise of their upcoming Rainbow Room wedding in New York.

To capture the difference and essence of whom they are; a New York photographer was hired to photograph them in the beautiful forest and lake, West Stockbridge and the Great Barrington farmers market.

It was an amazing photo shoot

You must be wondering how they felt during the engagement photo shot; hmmm wonderful, exhilarating. To complement the soft but strong ambiance of the Berkshires background, the bride-to-be wore a beautiful white flowing gown that just cascaded down the length of her body with soft gathers at the bottom and a spaghetti strap top showing her light feminine features. This look blended well into the shades of blues outfit worn by John and of course a white sneaker to fit her dress.

After taking a couple of shots in the forest, the bride-to-be removed her sandals just enjoy the feel of nature and all its essence. The picture didn’t stop there; you should have seen the shot by the lake – amazing.

To truly enjoy what Berkshires encompasses, they were dressed in casual outfits for a shoot at the market – some mushrooms John as he stared down at them with a smile like a French chef from a 5-star Michelin restaurant. Some bread, more smile, even more, clicks and we were done. Can’t wait for the wedding!

The wedding day

The day started at the Baccarat hotel in New York at the stunning reception of the Rainbow Room. As an editorial photographer, it’s an honor to share in their memory, and I couldn’t have picked a better destination location for these shots.

Being a New Yorker, a destination wedding and an editorial photographer based in SoHo, New York, and a beautiful location like Berkshires. To get more people to appreciate the beauty of this location, I have a photography studio located on 6 acres in a stunning bucolic setting that allows me to offer my clients an expansive visual canvas for all occasions whether it is a photo shoot under the New York skyline or along the lakes and shore of the Stockbridge ball.

I always welcome all my clients; both old and new to join me on an adventure as the day unfolds naturally. This allows me to capture the moments and feelings in pictures that will never be forgotten.

 Part of my job is to create a relaxing atmosphere where the couple or group can relax and soak in the ambiance of the surrounding. Whether you are shooting a wedding, engagement or celebrating any special event in the New York City, the Berkshires, Hudson Valley, Upstate New York and Boston; it is my goal as your photographer to shoot all photos in true wedding editorial style without deviating from the feeling and importance of the day.

Stay tuned and more to come from our new studio opening Berkshires area and more exciting news to come!

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